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Preliminary Plans For the Fall Semester Are Laid Out by KUSD

June 18, 2020 8:30p; Updated 11:15p

(WGTD)---Kenosha Unified is heavily leaning toward offering both in-person classroom learning this fall while giving parents the option of keeping their kids at home with a virtual instructional format. 

Teams of administrators presented their preliminary thoughts and ideas to the school board Thursday night during a meeting that stretched nearly four hours.

"We know that some KUSD parents will want their children to physically attend school in September," said KUSD School Leadership Chief Sue Valeri. "We also know there are some parents who will want their children to have a virtual learning environment," she said. 

"We know parents will expect safety for our staff, students and community and will expect KUSD to take the reasonable measures to make sure the risk is low," Valeri said.

Although a final decision has yet to be made, students who choose the in-school option may be required to wear face masks. The state is sending--free of charge--41,500 cloth face masks, or two per student, according to facilities head Pat Finnemore. It'll be up to the students and their families to keep the masks clean.

Staff members will also be required to wear masks. The district is also expected to provide employees with plastic face shields, but their use will be optional, Finnemore said.

Numerous other precautions are being planned, including equipping each classroom with a hand sanitizing station, putting schools off limits to all but students and staff, separating desks as much as possible and regulating hallway movements.  

The district is expected to survey parents early next month on their educational preferences for their children. Administrators didn't say just how many parents they thought might choose virtual instruction for their children.

In regard to athletics, a shortened, competitive spring sports season is expected to begin next month. Although football players will be able to use weight rooms and participate in small group drills this summer, no decision has been made on whether the football season will take place this fall. Administrators indicated they'll take their cue from the WIAA.

Although the school board took no formal vote Thursday night, no serious objections were made to anything that was laid out.