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Quick View of the Planned Foxconn Plant in Mt. Pleasant

A 3D rendering of the proposed Foxconn Campus set to begin construction in 2018

A 3D glimpse of what the Foxconn complex in Mt. Pleasant may look like is out.

A 53 second-long video was part of a brief presentation made by Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou at Friday's state contract signing ceremony at S-C Johnson in Racine. The video was part of several that were presented by Gou in an effort to elucidate the development and the company's overall goals. 

The rendering included images of a number of buildings of various shapes and sizes, including some tower-like structures as well as those more typical of the buildings that currently populate industrial areas in the region. 

Friday was Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave first view of the video. ""Pretty exciting stuff," Delagrave said afterward. "It's going to be a site that I think everyone is going to be proud of," he said. 

A local development agreement has yet to be signed, but that's expected to happen by the end of the month, according to Delagrave. 

If all goes as planned, construction on the complex is expected to begin late next year. A temporary manufacturing facility has already been secured in Mt. Pleasant and the first hires are already on the job.  

A link to Friday's video is below.  The video was pulled from Gov. Walker's Facebook page. 


3D renderings of the proposed Foxconn Campus set to begin construction in 2018