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Root-Pike WIN Director Speaks Out on Foxconn

At least one environmentalist is taking a wait-and-see attitude on Foxconn.

David Giordano, Executive Director of the Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network, was Greg Berg's guest on Thursday's Morning Show. 

Giordano said he's had "a number" of conversations with Foxconn representatives. "I'm optimistic about what might happen," he said, cautioning that it was too early to discuss details.

Giordano made clear that the Network's first preference is to leave things in their natural state. 

Beyond that, removing 1,500 acres of farmland will mean fewer pollutants sliding off of farm fields and into area rivers and streams. "Nothing against the farmers--it's just the reality," he said. 

Giordano admitted that he hasn't examined Mt. Pleasant's plans for dealing with the anticipated greater volume of stormwater runoff.

The plan was recently approved by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. But as recently as this week, Somers Village President George Stoner was questioning whether the precautions would adequately protect downstream communities from flooding. 

At the moment, Giordano said he's more concerned that the circles of new development that'll ring the Foxconn complex could present new environmental challenges. "Now we need to bring in all of the best practices of an urban community versus an ag community," Giordano said. 

As for the Lake Michigan water diversion issue, Giordano said he's optimistic that new technologies will alleviate concern over potentially elevated levels of pollutants from Foxconn discharges being pumped back into Lake Michigan.