Still Without an Attorney, Co-Defendant in Two-Year-Old Murder Case Has Bail Lowered

May 22, 2023 4p

(WGTD)---In a highly unusual move, a Racine judge lowered bail to a supposedly manageable amount for a defendant in a 1st Degree Intentional Homicide case.

19-year-old David Luckett has been sitting in jail for two years without representation.

Neither the public defender’s office or the county courts system have been able to find an attorney willing to take the case for the going rates.

In court Friday, Judge Robert Repischak said he felt he had little choice but to lower the bond amount from $250,000 to $25,000. The lower amount is what Luckett’s mother said she’d be able to post.

Repischak said he was concerned about running afoul of due process.

If released on bail, Luckett was ordered to undergo strict house arrest with electronic monitoring.

Even though Luckett’s bond was lowered Friday, online jail records suggest that Luckett remains behind bars.

Luckett and his cousin allegedly shot a man at the Marathon Gas Station on Rapids Drive in May of 2021.

Luckett’s co-defendant, 18-year-old Obie Glover, has an attorney and remains in jail on a $1 million bond, awaiting a trial that's scheduled for August.

Wisconsin courts have been increasingly plagued by a shortage of criminal defense attorneys who are will to work at the prescribed rates.