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Three Kayakers Brave the Fox With Unfortunate Results

Tragedy was averted on the fast-moving Fox River near Silver Lake late Sunday afternoon.

Three young kayakers lost control as they hit swifter waters under the bridge just north of Fox River Park, according to the Kenosha County Sheriff's Dept. 

Their plight led to a full response, with sheriff's deputies, firefighters, paramedics and rescue personnel with boats converging on the area. 

Details weren't immediately available, but all three made it out of the river under their own power, according to the department. 

Rescue personnel were on scene for some 90 minutes making sure that everyone was accounted for. 

A resident of the area said he observed three kayakers enter the river about a mile upstream. 

Ever since the flooding hit, authorities have been preaching for people to stay away from the swollen river with its fast currents.

Many roads near the Fox in Kenosha County remain closed, although a number of motorists have ignored the signs, and several have gotten stuck, according to the department.