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A Child's Book Aims to Help Fund Kenosha's Recovery

Sept. 10, 2020 9:45p

(WGTD)---An eight-year-old Kenosha boy has combined his interest in writing with a desire to help rebuild Kenosha. 

It all began when Nolan Cochran's mother, Rebecca Stachow, in an attempt to explain what happened last month, took her son around town to view the aftermath of the riots and the colorful murals expressing hope and advocating for peace. Nolan decided to share the insights he received that day by writing a book for kids his age titled "Protest." 

The seven-page book, complete with illustrations, tries to explain the differences between peaceful protests and the not-so-peaceful ones.

In sales through Facebook, "Protest" has already raised over $600, according to Rebecca.

With news media expressing an interest in the book and the motivations behind it, Stachow decided to keep the fundraising going by creating a go-fund-me account. The page is accessible by typing in "Nolan's E-Book Fundraiser--Rebuilding Kenosha."  (Or click here.

In addition to raising money for the recovery, Stachow hopes Nolan's story will inspire other young people. "I really like it when kids understand that they can do big things to change the world," said Strachow, who's employed as a middle school teacher in Kenosha. "They may be small--they may be young--but if they have an idea we have to help them kind of develop that and get it out to the world."

Although funds raised through the account go directly to Downtown Kenosha, Inc., Stachow says the contributions will benefit all areas of town that saw damage.  

A link to the book itself is on the go-fund-me account page.