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Creator of Kenosha County's Child Abuse Prevention Effort Wins Award

Kenosha---A social worker who pieced together and eventually ran a network of child abuse prevention services in Kenosha County has won an award that’s named in honor of a murdered protective services worker. Connie Reyes was killed in 1990 as the result of case work.

The 5th Annual Connie Reyes Award—handed out Wednesday during a ceremony at the Kenosha County Job Center—went to Nancy Morey, the semi-retired director of the Prevention Services Network. "I'm very proud of the work that's been done by PSN over the years," she said.  

Ron Rogers, director of the Kenosha County Division of Children and Family Services, noted that Morey’s commitment and passion is rooted in the personal experiences she had as a young mother after her husband temporarily left to take an out-of-town teaching job. "Even though she was in her home community, she realized how difficult it can be to be a single mom with three young children," Rogers said. "That lesson, and other lessons she learned throughout the years, came to shape her strong belief that the best way to help children is to nurture and strengthen the familieis that raise children," he said. 

Today, the Prevention Services Network, headquartered at the Job Center in Kenosha, offers such things as teen parent home visitation, family support programs, nurturing parent classes, intensive in-home services and an elementary school truancy reduction program.