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Disabled Housing; Local 72 Apartments; Up for Commission Consideration

Aug. 4, 2020 7:10p; Updated Aug. 8

Update: Commission unanimously approved a zoning change and a conditional use permit for the housing targeted for disabled people. The Commission approved most of what Bear Development had sought for apartments to go up south of UAW Local 72. Plans for a four-story, 80-unit apartment building for seniors was sent back for further review over concerns that one elevator wasn't enough. And facade improvements were approved for the former Omega Custard shop on 75th St. 

(WGTD)---This Thursday’s Kenosha Plan Commission agenda includes several higher-profile developments.

A company that wants to build apartments for disabled residents on the north side is trying again to gain approval. In addition to some 'not-in-my-backyard- rumblings, one objection to Arbor Holdings initial proposal last year was that the lot size was too small for the size of the complex. 

They’ve since added acreage, but have also increased the size of the development to 32 units, up from 28.

In a bid to grease the approval process, Professional Services Group, a Kenosha-based non-profit that has a long history of human service, has become more actively involved in the application. 

The site is just off of 30th Ave. south of Pick ‘n’ Save.

Also Thursday…the commission will review final plans for dozens of apartments that are expected to go up south of UAW Local 72’s headquarters on Washington Road.

Bear Development purchased the union hall and surrounding property last year. They’ve promised to maintain the structure.

A pair buildings containing 24 town home-styled dwellings is expected to go up in the parking lot and on adjacent, vacant land.

Across the street, a four-story, 80-unit building for seniors is proposed. That tract of land is expected to include seven town homes.

And a couple of long-vacant buildings on Kenosha’s south side along 75th St. will receive some attention Thursday.

A developer recently acquired buildings that formerly housed a custard shop and a Blockbuster video store. Another building or two are envisioned for the site, which includes vacant land that once housed a restaurant.

Commissioners on Thursday will review plans for façade improvements to the former custard shop.

As has been the case in recent months, commissioners will meet virtually beginning at five. The proceedings are accessible to the public by phone.