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Former Bradford Dean Allegedly Had a Sexual Relationship With a Student

Dec. 9, 2019 5:10p; Edited at 9:30p 

(WGTD)---A former Kenosha Unified principal who resigned last year after allegations surfaced of inappropriate sexual relations with staff is now being accused of having a sexual relationship with a high school student years earlier.

Curtiss Tolefree has been ordered to appear in Kenosha Court Jan. 2nd to face three felony counts of sexual assault of a student by staff, and two misdemeanor counts of allegedly exposing himself to her.

The offenses allegedly occurred in the 2008-2009 school year while Tolefree was a dean at Bradford High School.

The criminal complaint identifies the alleged victim as “Jane Doe.” She said the relationship began when she was repeatedly sent to Tolefree’s office because she got into trouble a lot. 

According to the complaint, the two became close, and wound up having sex in his office in either October or November of 2008, when she was a 17-year-old junior. She claims to have had sex with Tolefree every day of that school year, with most of the instances occurring in his office, sometimes after she was called out of class ostensibly for school purposes. Other times purportedly occurred in his home and vehicle; at hotels and either before or after workouts. 

The sexual contact ended for the most part after he was transferred to Washington Middle School and she started to date. 

After leaving Kenosha Unified, Tolefree became principal at Beulah Park Elementary School in Zion where he remains, according to the school's website. 

A spokeswoman for Kenosha Unified said the district is aware of the matter and has been cooperating with police.