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Kenosha County Recruiting COVID-19 Test-Takers

June 3, 2020 8:40p; Updated 9:40p to add Thursday hours at Tremper

(WGTD)---The gates are open for COVID-19 testing. 

Anyone who either lives or works in Wisconsin, with or without symptoms, can be tested for free, according to Kenosha County Health Dept. Dir. Jen Freiheit.

Tests are available at a number of locations, including Tremper High School in Kenosha and at Central High School in Paddock Lake. Both sites will be open Thursday from noon until eight, and Friday and Saturday from 10 until 6. 

Results at both sites should be available within 7 days.

During her weekly briefing Wednesday, Freiheit explained that with increased capacity she wants to get as many people tested as possible in order to learn how the virus is spreading, especially with Memorial Day gatherings, the protests and business re-openings behind us.

Freiheit said the next two weeks should tell how quickly the reopening process can expand. 

Kenosha County reported four new deaths Wednesday, bringing the total to 34. 

Racine County recorded a new death. Racine County now has 41 cases.

The county also recently surpassed Brown County for having the highest per capita case total in the state. 

Kenosha County's new positive cases as a percentage of total tests performed was 7.3% Tuesday, although Freiheit said that number has jumped around.

The comparable number for Racine County is 12.4%; Wisconsin as a whole, 2.9%