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Kenosha Plan Commission: Two Big Projects; Two Different Reactions

Dec. 5, 2019 9:30p

(WGTD)----The Kenosha Plan Commission gave a thumbs up Thursday to a proposed high-rise residential and retail development targeted for vacant land just north of the Municipal Building. But another project got a cold reception.

Brindisi Towers gained its conditional use permit unanimously.

The commission also voted unanimously to support a height exception. Building heights are currently capped at 100 ft. Brindisi will be 133 feet tall. Commissioners Lydia Spottswood and Jan Michalski raised concerns about fire hazards. The developers have already been in consultation with the Kenosha Fire Department to address those concerns. The Common Council will take up the height exception at a future meeting.

Strawberry Fields is a proposed 916-unit apartment complex with numerous amenities such as a pool, bowling alley and movie theater that would go up on land west of I-94 off of Highway 50. It received a chilly reception, with several commissioners saying the development “was too big” and the look of the units was “bland” and “uninspiring.” Spottswood said the proposed buildings looked like “a military base in Germany.” 

Michalski and Commissioner David Bogdala said single-family homes would be a better fit for the site, what with the nearby Strawberry Creek subdivision.

The developers said their proposal targets young professionals.

Eyebrows were raised over the proposed monthly rents that would start at $2,400. 

The developers came to the Commission looking for input before proceeding any further. The reaction was so negative that one of the developers left the meeting before it was over.