Kenosha Police Investigate Three Deaths; Two Others Hospitalized

Oct. 20, 2021 12:55a; Updated 1:40a with conditions, lead change

(WGTD)---Three people died by gunshot in Kenosha Tuesday night.  

"We have three people that are dead from apparent gunshot wounds and two others were transported to the hospital," said Interim Police Chief Eric Larsen at the scene. "We don't believe anyone from the public is at risk. "Those are all of the details I can give at this point," he said.

A short while later, police tweeted that the two survivors were in critical condition. One was taken to the hospital via Flight for Life while the other is apparently being treated locally. 

The shootings occurred late Tuesday night in a home on the city's northeast side just off of 7th Ave. on 40th Pl. 

A next-door neighbor talked to police at length from the porch of her home. She declined to speak to a reporter. 

Tuesday night's shootings are just eight blocks from a home where earlier this year a man allegedly hacked to death his father and step-mother with a machete. Jesus Medrano is in jail awaiting trial.