KUSD Summer School Masks Now Optional; One Last KSB Mask Flare-Up

June 15, 2021 11:45p

(WGTD)---COVID restrictions in Kenosha Unified seem to be easing by the day.

The district announced Tuesday night that students and teachers in summer school—which began on Monday—will no longer have to wear masks. Face coverings are now optional—unless conditions worsen as the year progresses.

Also, the school board approved the district’s return plans for the upcoming school year that still include plenty of COVID precautions, but only optional mask wearing.

Several speakers at the  meeting had urged the board to essentially ignore the pandemic and impose no restrictions.

Things got a bit testy when School Board President Yolanda Adams ruled that audience members who persisted in violating the district’s mask mandate leave the meeting. 

On her way out, one woman yelled that she planned to file an open meetings complaint with the district attorney’s office. About a half-dozen people joined the woman in leaving the building.

The departures came just before the district announced the new optional mask policy, which will apply at future school board meetings.