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Law Enforcement Memorial Includes a Defense of the Profession

May 13, 2021 11:20a

(WGTD)---Wednesday's law enforcement memorial ceremony for fallen officers held in Kenosha’s Harbor Park included a full-throated defense of the profession.

It came from an unlikely source—the chaplain who normally is tasked with giving the opening prayer. Instead, Charlie Hansen--the chaplain with the Pleasant Prairie Police Dept.---reacted to recent criticisms. "This may be the last year I'm asked to do this because what I'm about to say. But I am really tired of people bashing all of you. I am tired of hearing the words 'defund the police.' I'm tired of everyone second-guessing your work when you have less than a second to make a decision," Hansen said.

Continuing: "We have lost so many men and women to senseless violence, COVID and suicide that the mantra needs to be how can we the people you protect help all of you."  

Eric Larsen, the Kenosha Police Department’s interim chief, and Kenosha County Sheriff Dave Beth, gave more traditional speeches at the annual event 

Beth said he thinks most law enforcement officers already know that they have the support of a majority of residents.

Larsen closed his remarks by saying policing is a proud profession, and he thanked officers for their service and sacrifice.