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More on Indian Trail High School Battery

Dec. 4, 2019 8:20p

(WGTD)---The Indian Trail High School administrator thought he had resolved a feud between two friends. But not much more than an hour later, one of the girls ran into his office bleeding profusely after having been assaulted by the other in chemistry class.

The incident eventually led to on-line complaints from the victim’s mother that the district mishandled the aftermath, and a call from a school board member for a review of the district’s policy on bullying.

Both girls are ninth graders.

The offender is now in detention, awaiting a Monday disposition hearing, the juvenile court equivalent of sentencing.

She faces charges in connection with the punching incident, and additional counts from an incident about a month later in which she tore up her mother’s Pleasant Prairie apartment and fought with police.

An examination of the juvenile court file indicates that the Indian Trail dean met with both girls over complaints from the victim that her former friend was spreading false rumors about her. He offered to mediate the dispute, but the offender declined, promising instead to stop spreading rumors and avoid contact with the other girl.

The chemistry class assault occurred an hour later, and was so violent that the victim suffered a concussion. Even after the classroom teacher stepped between the two, the investigative reports reveals that the offender tried to throw punches around her.

The victim’s mother expressed her discontent online when she discovered that the offender appeared to have been allowed to return to school after serving a five-day suspension. That’s when she pulled her daughter out of the school.

It now appears that the offender was to have been segregated from the general school population following the suspension, but a mistake allowed her to mix in, according to the victim's mother. 

The school district hasn’t commented.