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Racine Issues Reopening Parameters

May 22, 2020 12:55p

(WGTD)---Starting Tuesday, almost all businesses in Racine will be on the same footing as their counterparts in other places that are following safe reopening guidelines.

Mayor Cory Mason released Friday morning the city's parameters for reopening--they are mostly aligned with recommendations that were put out by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

There is one big exception. The guidelines that were published by WEDC, Racine and Kenosha counties and other units of local government are recommendations. Racine's "Stay Safe" list, because it was issued by the city's public health department, has the force of law behind it. Tickets could be issued for violations. 

The city is facing lawsuits for its stance. The latest came from a gym owner. Gyms and bowling alleys can operate. But they're limited to 10 people, as long as distancing can be maintained. 

In a statement, Mayor Mason expresses reservations over reopening. "The City of Racine cannot be an island of protections amidst a sea of chaos," he said. "The City of Racine has been put in an untenable position by failues at the state and national level."

He said it's now up to business owners and citizens to make wise choices. Directing these comments at residents, Mason said: "If you enter our local businesses without taking proper precautions like wearing a mask, you are putting those employee and all of the customers around you at risk of contracting COVID-19."