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Racine School Board to Discuss Fall Sports Monday Night

Aug. 13, 2020 3:30p

(WGTD)---In Racine Unified, practice could begin next week for coronavirus low-risk sports such as cross country, golf, tennis and swimming. But it's a different story for high-risk sports such as football, soccer and volleyball.

The Racine School Board is scheduled to meet Monday evening to come up with a game plan, so to speak. By then, the district expects to have greater guidance from the WIAA, according to district spokesperson Stacy Tapp.

For now, administration is recommending a five-step tier system tied to COVID-19 data for re-starting practices and conducting competitions safely.

While competitions are allowed for low-risk sports in all but the first tier, games and matches are only allowed for high-risk sports in the fifth tier, seemingly making competitions for those sports unlikely for the fall.

Tapp also notes that at the moment, guidelines from the City of Racine discourage competitions for high-risk sports.

In support materials for Monday's meeting, the district emphasizes that its top priority is the safety and well-being of every student-athlete, coaches and their families. On the other hand, another consideration is the mental health of student-athletes and the benefits that come with athlete/coach interaction. 

Tapp said the district will encourage all coaches to stay in touch with their players virtually. 

Meanwhile, fall sports is a topic for the Kenosha School Board when it meets Tuesday night.