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Three New Deaths in Racine County; Kenosha Mask-Makers Still Busy

May 25, 2020 10p

From WGTD News:

Three additional COVID-19-related deaths were reported in Racine County Monday, bringing the county's total to 25, according to numbers provided by the state. Although just seven new cases were recorded, Racine County continues to have the second-highest per capita number of confirmed cases in the state, right behind Brown County and ahead of Milwaukee County. Kenosha County, which reported three new cases Monday,  is fourth. Statewide, for the second day in a row, the number of positive cases as a percentage of total tests dropped. 


The demand for cloth masks isn't slowing down, according to an organizer of a local mask-making group that flies under the banner "Kenosha Cares." As of last week, Holly Barthuly and her 60 "stitchers", as she calls them, had requests pending for some 800 masks. They've already made nearly 13,000. Most have gone to Kenosha-area locations, but they've also filled requests that have come in from around the country. Barthuly says the volunteers don't seem to be tiring of the work. "Most of them would say that being able to be part of this helped them get through. It gives them an outlet. It helps to know that you're being a blessing to your community," she said.