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Two Charged In Thelma Orr COP Fire Case

June 4th, 2020  2:33pm 

(WGTD)---New charges have been filed in the Thelma Orr Community Options Policing Home fire case. 25-year-old Justin Hernandez of Kenosha and 21-year-old Kylie Gelmi of Mount Pleasant have both been charged with burglary and arson of a building.

According to the criminal complaint, Hernandez allegedly set fire to the exterior of the COP home. He then attempted to set fire to the back porch. Hernandez shot several videos bragging about his participation in the melee. In one video, Hernandez could allegedly be heard saying ““On the boss, jut lit that b**** on fire, f*** the police!" Hernandez agreed to have his phone searched during a later interview with police. Hernandez then admitted to setting the fire.  

Gelmi is charged with adding an item to the fire. One of the videos found on Hernandez' phone allegedly showed Gelmi placing an item in the fire. 

A cash bond was set for Hernandez and Gelmi Thursday at $10,000 each. 

The COP house was set ablaze during civil unrest in Racine Sunday night. The COP house was named after Thelma Orr, who is considered a landmark pioneer of civil rights in Racine.