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VIDEO: Body Cam Footage of Dog Rescue

Bodycam footage of a Caledonia House in flames and a stranded dog

July 7, 2020 3:59pm 

(WGTD)---- With flames shooting from the roof, a Caledonia police officer dashed into a home Tuesday afternoon and rescued a dog.

Click 'read more' and scroll down for body cam video.

According to Caledonia Police and Fire, the fire in the 6800 block of Beachnut Road broke out shortly after 2:00.   

Officer Radke found "Deezel" sitting calmly on the living room couch inside the smokey house, seemingly unconcerned about the impending disaster. After carrying Deezel to safety, Radkey entered the home a second time to double-check for any people or additional animals. 

There were no injuries, and no immediate word on the cause of the fire.  
Video of the rescue is below 



Bodycam footage shows Officer Radke entering a Caledonia Home to Rescue a Stranded Dog