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AUDIO: Donna Matthews Trial Closing Arguments

Donna Matthews, During her Tesimony in her trial

On Tuesday July 10th, 2018, Donna Matthews was convicted of 1st degree intentional homicide for the murder of her ex-boyfriend Michael Gayan. She faces life in prision. In a WGTD exclusive, we have compiled audio of the closing statements of the trial as a public service. These statements occured right before the jury deliberated and was the last time the jury heard information from the attorneys before rendering their verdict. Closing arguments were conducted by prosecuting attorney Angelina Gabrielle on behalf of the State. Jeff Urdangen spoke on behalf of the defense. Both attorneys spoke for more than an a hour each.  

The video below has both arguments:

Prosecuting Attorney Angelina Gabrielle: 00:00-1:11:11

Defense Attorney Jeff Urdangen: 1:11:11-END 

WARNING- Graphic Language Throughout Testimony. Viewer/Listener Discrestion Advised

Closing Arguments of the Donna Matthews Murder Trial