Ex-Autoworkers: Your Chance to Tour Former Local 72 Hall

Sept. 23, 2022 8:45a

(WGTD)---For over 60 years, the sprawling, one-story building on Washington Rd. in Kenosha was more than just a union hall—it was a de facto community center, hosting political rallies, various public meetings and private celebrations, in addition to union meetings.

With membership dwindling in the wake of the end of the auto industry in Kenosha, Local 72 made the tough decision to sell the place.  

The building’s new owner—Tender Touch Therapy—will offer tours today--Friday-- from 11 to 1 at its dedication ceremony.

Tender Touch Chief Operations Officer Tracy Spilker says she’s already detected more than a little interest in the renovation among former autoworkers. "I've seen, I'm assuming, some of the older workers driving through the parking lot and kind of going slow around the back--and kind of taking it all in," she said. 

Tender Touch is using about two-thirds of the space. Future plans call for leasing out the rest of the building.