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Hetland Funeral Procession Route Announced

June 25, 2019 10:50p 

(WGTD)---A funeral service for the off-duty Racine police officer who was killed as he tried to stop an armed robbery at a local bar will be held at Carthage College Wednesday morning at 11.

Authorities have announced the route of the funeral procession. It’ll give residents another chance to pay their respects to John Hetland but it will also tie up traffic for a time, what with the anticipated long line of squad cars.

The procession is expected to leave Carthage around 2:15, head north to Racine and wind its way through the lakefront and downtown areas and past the police department before heading west on Highway 20 to West Lawn Memorial Park.

Roads affected will be Highway 32, Chicory, Memorial, 16th St. Main, 11th St., Pershing Park Dr., 6th St., Washington Ave. and 90th St.

In addition, Highway 32 in front of Carthage will be closed until 3, with traffic diverted a bit west to the truck route.