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Kenosha City Administrator Pacetti to Retire

(WGTD)---A fixture in the Kenosha Municipal Building is retiring. 

Although having served as City Administrator for ten years, Frank Pacetti's association with city government has lasted twice as long.  

In a news release from the city, Pacetti, 57, says he plans to step down at the end of the year.  "This all started with a desire I had to serve the community," Pacetti said in the release. "I never dreamed it would lead to a 30-year engagement of service and commitment," he said.

Pacetti's first role in city government was that of a member of the Redevelopment Authority. In 1990, Pacetti was elected to the City Council from the 15th District, a seat he held for 18 years. In 2008, Pacetti was appointed City Administrator by former Mayor Keith Bosman, a position he continued to hold under current Mayor John Antaramian.

Said Antaramian: "Frank and I have worked together for many years and I wish him well in his future endeavors. However, I am sad to see him leave. Whenever you lose an employee with Frank's level of institutional knowledge it leaves a significant void in the organization." 

Antaramian said he plans to "take some time" to examine the flow chart before filling the vacancy.

Pacetti was instrumental in behind-the-scenes negotiations that brought Amazon to Kenosha. He also played a big role in negotiating a multi-party agreement that resulted in the acquisition and planned redevelopment of the former Chrysler Engine Plant site. 

In recent years, Pacetti has been embroiled in legal controversies that surrounded the city's severing of ties with an IT contractor.

In the release, Pacetti said he plans to rejoin the private sector, but didn't elaborate.