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Two Arrested in Shooting Death of Kenosha 5-Year-Old

June 17, 2019 3:55p; Updated 8:05p to pinpoint location; Updated 10:20 with new KPD statement; Updated June 18; Updated June 19 with arrests

(WGTD)---24-year-old twin brothers from Kenosha have been arrested in the death of a 5-year-old Kenosha boy on Monday. Javonn and Jovonn Cannon are both facing felony firearm charges in the death of Dakari Weldon in a home on 60th Street and 20th Avenue.

The brothers dropped off the mortally wounded, five-year-old boy at Kenosha Medical Center Monday afternoon then left. The boy's grandfather told media outlets Monday that one of his sons accidentally shot the boy and then took him to the hospital, but they were too scared to stick around. 

Javonn Cannon has been charged with Homicide by Negligent Handling of a Firearm. Jovonn Cannon is charged with Leaving a Loaded Firearm within Reach or Access of a Child.

Their initial court appearance is set for Thursday.